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Featured from my collection of pet portraits:
Fonzie, Jack Russell Terrier

Capture your pet's personality in a full colour pastel portrait. If your photographs don't capture the whimsical expression you've often seen on your pet's face, the creation of a portrait can bring that expression to life. Often photographs are marred by bad lighting, red eye, flash glare, or perhaps the composition isn't what you wanted. All of these things can be changed in a portrait.

Visit the galleries to view my collection of portraits featuring dogs, cats,and horses, Most of my examples display a reference photo to show the likeness to the pet, and also give you an idea of the sort of things I'm able to change.

My medium is soft pastel, which is well known for retaining true colour for many years. In fact, pastels from the 16th Century exist today as fresh and vibrant as the day they were painted. Unlike other mediums which contain a liquid binder that causes them to yellow, crack or peel over time, pastels that are free of fixative will never have this problem. Historically, Edward Degas is probably the best known pastel artist. Today pastel has the same stature of oil and water colour as a major fine art medium.

All of my portraits are painted using photographs provided by my clients for reference. Placing an order is easy! Simply send me one or more images of the subject to be painted along with my order form. You can mail your photographs to me, or email your images instead. Satisfaction is guaranteed! You don't pay until you've approved the final image.

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